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Various Tattoo Removal Options Offered in Spa

One of the reasons why spas offering tattoo removal services have increased of late is because most of the people are looking for ways to remove the tattoo. It is estimated that about fifty-five million American citizens have at least one tattoo on their bodies and seventeen per cent of those with the tattoos regret and would like to remove them. At first tattoos, there were no techniques used to remove the tattoo, and they were there for life, but after scientist came up with the methods, more people have removed the tattoos. We will be discussing some of the tattoo removal options that the spa offer to their customers.

Some of the tattoo removal options are those operating the spa know about human health, and therefore you will find that most of the spa is owned and operated by licensed doctors. Surgical excision is one of the tattoo removal options, and it involves cutting out the skin that has the tattoo and stitching. The procedure involved can be complicated, but it all depends on the size of the tattoo, at some point if the tattoo is big it requires skin graft and anaesthesia, which is done by experienced doctors. When you have a big tattoo, it means that a large portion of the skin will be cut; therefore, you will be scars at the end of the procedure.

Among all the tattoo removal options that are available, dermabrasion produces the best results at the end. Although the results are the best the procedure requires one to sand their skin until the ink is over, the procedure seems to be painful and barbaric. It takes several months for the skin to heal, and if done in the right manner, the results are the best. Also, we have the use of the chemical to remove the tattoo in the chemical tattoo removal option. Methods used include acid injections, glycolic acid peels, and even TCA peels, those offering this option have to be extremely cautious because the chemicals used are harmful to the body. Click here for more info. about how to get the best tattoo removal spa.

The services of a qualified and experienced dermatologist are required when taking the laser tattoo removal option. The treatment takes around four to ten sessions which takes two to three months period, and it all depends on the size of the tattoo. In conclusion, the cost of removing the tattoo vary from one option to another based on the technique and experience required. For more information, click on this link:

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